Music Ministry

Invite Jim Papandrea to your church or even into your home for a house concert. A presentation by Jim Papandrea is more than a concert, it is an experience that is woven around unique original music, and may include Scripture, prayer, story-telling, and teaching as the situation warrants. Contact Jim Papandrea by email using the link to the left.

Photo by Eric Moore

Photo by Eric Moore


The Holy Hour we here at St. Lambert’s enjoyed with Jim and his ministry was an hour of real prayer and peace. The time spent this way before the Lord is a blessing you don’t want to miss. The concept of the Holy Hour is a beautiful thing to begin with, but it was even more rewarding to add the gifts that Jim brings to this traditional devotion. It really was a moment of something ever old and ever new, something eternal.  Fr. Rich Simon, Pastor,  St. Lambert’s Skokie, Illinois

Jim Papandrea’s songwriting has been called, “inspired… innovative musical offerings” (University of Minnesota, Campus Extra)

The songs exhibit, “skillful instrumentation… resolute individuality and sincere vision” (Minnesota Daily)

“Papandrea’s vocals are smooth & articulate. His lyrics are witty, sometimes humorous, coming from a place of confrontation & conviction, self-exploration and spirituality. He is backed by an awesome band” (Chicago Songwriters’ Collective newsletter)

Jim Papandrea’s music has been described as, “a unique… exotic folk-pop sound…” with, “enormous charm,” “great energy,” “amazingly touching lyrics,” and “gorgeous vocals” (TAXI Screeners)

“Earnest vocal harmonies elicit images of campfires and spiritual revivals. The ache and sincerity almost demand that you close your eyes and sway gently with the melody. Fine musicianship.” (Illinois Entertainer)

“We have been privileged to have [Jim Papandrea’s group] Remember Rome play at Daniel’s Den Coffee House and Christian Event Centre on several occasions. Their music style sets the mood for perfect laid back, thought provoking sounds and lyrics. It is unlike any other Christian Band that plays here (or for that matter, that we have ever heard). They have a sound that is hard to describe yet once heard you will want to have them back over and over again. This band is a ‘must hear’ to appreciate. They are greatly entertaining and have become one of the favored groups at Daniel’s Den. We highly recommend this group for all types of venues.” (Dave & Anita, owners, Daniel’s Den)

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a concert by the Christian acoustic ensemble, Remember Rome. Jim Papandrea, the leader of the group, has showcased his talent with his beautifully written and expressive lyrics and music. The melodic harmonies coupled with sententious lyrics make listening to their style of music a spiritual and uplifting experience. (Director of Liturgical Music, St. Mary Parish, Buffalo Grove, IL)

“Remember Rome is one of those groups who have a way of producing well-crafted acoustic based songs. With their folk sound complimented by harmonies and violins, the subjects and feelings portrayed within the lyrics will find a home with most listeners. This album is not pop music, does not feature throwaway lyrics and will interest those who like to listen to unobtrusive music.” (Phase 9 Entertainment)

“Remember Rome’s style cannot be pigeonholed neatly into any category of music. It is a unique blend of good old fashioned music that they refer to as ‘progressive acoustic.’ With a perfect combination of acoustic guitar, violin, bass, percussion and harmonious vocals, this band has created a sound unparalleled in an industry overcome with electronically manufactured music. Remember Rome contributes to the industry with a refreshing blend of ‘a little melody, a little harmony, a little philosophy.’ The entire project represents pure truth in musical presentation and lyrics which makes this group so special. While their CD is masterful and fully entertaining for the listener, their live stage show is an entirely different experience. Being able to observe the creativity and talent in person as well as to feel the raw energy they convey, makes Remember Rome a true delight to any concert-goer! I am confident that once you have heard this band, you will definitely Remember Rome!” (Heather Nelson, music attorney)