Why “Album Only”?

So why is Still Quiet Voice only available as a full album from most places?

It’s because I believe that an album is a collection of songs based around a theme, or at least representative of a particular period in an artist’s career. Not every song can be a “hit” and if you only buy the one song you’ve heard before, you will miss out on the other songs by an artist you already know you like. Would you buy only one chapter of a book?

As a songwriter, it’s really hard to make your craft even pay for itself (let alone make you money) if you’re only selling single songs. So when you buy just one song at a time, you’re cheating the people who worked so hard to create all the songs on the album.

So I  want to encourage everyone to resist the temptation to buy single songs. In fact, I’m not even a fan of downloads at all. I’ve had them come through sketchy, but even more than that, if you buy music from certain vendors, you are very limited as to what you can do with it. Buy an actual CD, that you can hold in your hand, with artwork you can see up close in a hard copy, and then rip it to digital – you can make as many copies as you want and put it anywhere you want.

For me, one of my goals for this CD is that it would be the kind of thing you could put on to enhance prayer, or get rid of a headache, or just relax. But if you only have one song, you can’t do that. You need the whole CD to get the whole experience.

So that’s why this album is available as a whole package, wherever it was possible for me to control that. Yes, you can still get one song at a time on iTunes, because they wouldn’t let me sell it as an album only. And all the Remember Rome stuff is still available as single songs. And I may release a song at a time in the future, as I write new material. But for Still Quiet Voice, I wanted to keep the songs together as a unit, and I want people to enjoy the music as a collection, so I hope you’ll decide it’s worth it to get the whole album, either as a physical CD, or a whole album download.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!